An Air Europa and a Condor aircraft collided this Tuesday on the runway of Palma airport. Although there have been no injuries, both aircraft have been affected in the incident that occurred at 09.30 am and flights have been canceled and rescheduled, respectively

An Air Europa plane, which had made the Barcelona-Palma route, arrived at the Son Sant Joan terminal and on its way has rubbed with the wing the back of the Condor plane, which was stopped. Then, the Air Europa plane continued to circulate until it reached the terminal. There, the passengers were able to disembark normally.

After the crash, in which no injuries were reported, and according to company sources, the plane will need “a remodeling” because, although it has not been completely broken, the left wing, with which it collided with the other aircraft, has been affected. The Condor aircraft will also have to be overhauled and repaired.

As a result of the accident, the two aircraft involved have been rendered inoperative. As a result, the flight schedules of both airlines with the affected aircraft have had to be rearranged. The Air Europa flight that had to fly the Palma-Barcelona route at 10.15 a.m. has been cancelled, while the Condor flight, with Palma-Frankfurt route, which had to depart this morning, has been rescheduled for 5.30 p.m. this afternoon.

Aena sources have confirmed that the incident will be analyzed by the corresponding body, in this case the Commission for Investigation of Accidents and Incidents of Civil Aviation.