The Balearic Islands received 16.4 million tourists in 2022, with 4.9% more spending than in 2019, reaching a spending figure of 17,316.4 million euros, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE) and the Balearic Government. The growth of the domestic tourist market stands out with a 16.7% increase and 28.4% more spending

The Balearic Islands received 16.4 million tourists in 2022, including both international and national visitors, virtually equal to the figures from 2019, with 0.003% less, and reaching a spending figure of 17,316.4 million euros, 4.88% more than the year prior to the pandemic. This has been communicated by the National Institute of Statistics (INE) and the Balearic Government.

Tourists who visited the islands left 806 million euros more than in 2019, according to the Balearic Institute of Statistics (Ibestat), which adds the national tourism variable to the INE data.

The average spend per visitor in the Balearic Islands was 1,501 euros, 4% more than in 2019, with an average spend of 159.8 euros, 5.1% more.

The domestic tourist market grew 16.7% in the Balearic Islands in 2022, with 3.2 million visitors from other regions, who spent 2,096.52 million euros, 28.4% more.

Menorca is the island with the highest number of tourists

Menorca is the island that grew the most in terms of tourist arrival in 2022, 13.28% with 1.6 million travelers, compared to 1.4 million in 2019. Spending increased by 86%.

Followed by Ibiza and Formentera with an increase of 8.3% in arrivals, up to 3.4 million, more than in 2019 (3.1 million). Spending increased by 91.8%.

However, Mallorca reduced the number of visitors by 3.6% compared to 2019, with a total of 11.44 million. Despite this, spending doubled by 99.9%.

International tourismturistas_mallorca

According to the data from Tourism Movements at Borders (Frontur) and the Tourism Spending Survey (Egatur) from INE, 13.2 million foreign tourists visited the Balearic Islands, 3.5% less than in 2019, but with 2.5% more spending, reaching 15,220 million euros.

The Balearic Islands doubled both the number of international tourists (+108.8%) and spending (+109.1%) compared to 2021. Compared to the year prior to the pandemic, tourist spending increased by 377 million euros with the arrival of 476,000 fewer visitors.

Thus, the Balearic Islands was the second community in terms of tourist arrivals, with 18.5% of the total, behind Catalonia, and third in spending, with 17.5%, behind the Canary Islands and Catalonia.

Regarding the average spend of international tourists on the islands, it was 1,153 euros in 2022, 0.2% more than in 2022. The average daily spend was 173 euros, 8.6%, as trips were shortened by 7.7%, down to 6.7 days on average.

With a 92.4% increase, the Balearic Islands was the third community with the most overnight stays from foreign travelers, 87.9 million, behind the Canary Islands (107.2 million) and Andalusia (88.4 million).

32.6% of international travelers who visited the Islands in 2022 came from Germany (4.3 million), and 25.5%, from the UK (3,36 million). Fewer Germans and British arrived compared to 2019, although German tourist spending increased by 2.7% and British spending decreased by 3.5%. The annual increase in markets such as France (882,079) or Italy (736,369) is notable. 635,413 were Dutch and 605,680 came from Nordic countries.