The restrictions in Mallorca due to the coronavirus are lifted as the epidemiological situation in the Balearic Islands improves. This evolution has caused the Government to relax the restrictions in a general way.

What measures are maintained as of April 20? Only some restrictions are defined on activities with a high risk of contagion. Likewise, the COVID Certificate, which was presented for months as a method to control infections, is no longer mandatory to enter bars, gyms or cultural events from Saturday, February 13.

The mask, which ceased to be mandatory on the street two months ago, is not mandatory indoors since April 20. It will only be mandatory in health and socio-health work centers, where special care must be taken for the most vulnerable people, and on public transport. Thus, the mask will continue to be mandatory in spaces such as hospitals, day centers, prevention services, dependency care centers and the like, as well as buses, trains and taxis.

By sectors and areas of activity, these are the restrictions that prevail in Mallorca due to the pandemic:

Restricciones COVID Mallorca

Main protection measures

According to the Government’s recommendation, individual and collective protection measures must continue to be adopted:

  • Vaccination against COVID-19.
  • Frequent hand hygiene.
  • Hygiene if you have respiratory symptoms (avoid coughing directly into the air, cover your mouth with the inside of your forearm in these cases, and avoid touching your face, nose, and eyes).
  • Safety interpersonal physical distance.
  • Use of mask in public transport and hospitals.
  • The preference of outdoor spaces to carry out activities.
  • Correct ventilation of closed spaces and cleaning and disinfection of surfaces.

Covid Certificate

Citizens no longer need to present it to access hospitality establishments, cultural events, gyms, etc. This certificate is no longer required as of February 13, 2022.


You can consume drinks and eat without time limits. In restaurants and nightlife, restrictions are eliminated and only the ban on smoking on the terraces is maintained. These restrictions in Mallorca do not have an expiration date.


The limitation of a single person to accompany people in the process of end of life is eliminated. Visitors are also allowed in the rooms.

Sport activity

The use of a mask is no longer mandatory in the bodybuilding rooms and directed activity rooms from April 20.

Cultural events and the like

From Tuesday, March 1, the restrictions until now in force on cultural, sporting and other mass events will no longer be effective. Limitations on the celebration of popular festivals, religious celebrations, parades, dances and the like are also eliminated. As well as those that were applied in more specific areas, such as those referring to dance academies, outdoor social activities with alcohol consumption, children’s and leisure activities, those that affected recreational centers for the elderly, commerce, choral groups or music bands.

Smoking ban still in effect

One of the few restrictions that remain in Mallorca is regarding the consumption of tobacco. Smoking is prohibited on the terraces of establishments for public use, as well as on public roads or in open-air spaces for public use when maintaining a minimum distance of two meters from other people cannot be ensured. To avoid new massive infections, bottles are also prohibited on all roads and public spaces.