The unemployment rate in the municipality of Palma stood at 5.21 percent of the active population last April 2024. This figure represents a historic record, with only 13,570 job seekers, the lowest number of unemployed in the last 20 years.

Unemployment in Palma fell by 8.04% last month compared to April 2023. Photo: Ajuntament de Palma.

This is according to the labor market report prepared monthly by PalmaActiva, which shows a 2.9% decrease in unemployment in Palma compared to the March figures of this year and 8.04% fewer unemployed compared to the same month in 2023.

Regarding Social Security affiliation, the March figures are equally significant. The month ended with 254,177 registered people and a total of 14,899 new contracts, of which 10,056, or 67.5%, were permanent. These figures represent a 5.77% growth compared to February and an increase of 4.54% compared to March 2023.

The sectors that added the most affiliates during this period were hospitality, with 4,228 new contracts; commerce, with 1,949 incorporations; and construction, with 964 new labor links.

Unemployment figures in Palma by gender

Unemployment among women is the lowest since 2007. Photo: Ajuntament de Palma.

The study highlights that unemployment among women is the lowest since 2007, with 7,892 job seekers. Regarding the occupation of this group, there is a notable reduction in unemployment: 11.19% less in the assistant cooks’ guild, 8.27% less among waitresses, and 4.68% less among cooks.

Meanwhile, the group of men, which totals 5,678 unemployed, has recorded a significant decrease in the sales subsector, with 14.35% fewer unemployed, in the drivers sector with a reduction of 8.54%, and in the stock clerks sector with a decrease of 8%.

Regarding experience and ages, the labor market figures in the municipality of Palma indicate that, of the current 13,570 unemployed, a total of 6,352 have had no previous occupation and 7,636 are under 29 years old.