In statements to the media, the president of the hoteliers, María Frontera, has predicted a “definitely very good” tourist season as bookings are being re-confirmed

From the Mallorca Hotel Business Federation (FEHM), Frontera explained that opening trends are being formalized and that as the weeks go by, bookings are being re-confirmed.

News that Frontera celebrated “despite some uncertainties” in some emitting markets, and has ensured that the main ones are responding.

The president of the hoteliers has ensured that between February and March, more than half of the hotel plant in Mallorca is expected to open and has admitted that there was concern about the economic situation in Germany. Despite the economic context, Frontera says it’s not going backwards and that bookings are being activated, as well as summer bookings.

Son Sant Joan Airport

She has also highlighted the success of the promotion of Mallorca throughout the year and the promotion of the island for film and culture, and gave as an example the filming of a movie in Alcudia.

Hospitality agreement

The head of the business association expects the negotiation table of the hospitality agreement to meet at the end of next week or the following and hopes that there will not be many incidents. The pre-agreement, which was reached with difficulty, was signed before the FITUR fair between the Government and UGT, outside of CCOO. Frontera has highlighted the good harmony between the parties but has avoided evaluating the demands of the restoration that this sector be considered independently in the agreement.

Concern about shortage of personnel

Likewise, Frontera has expressed its concern for yet another season about the shortage of qualified staff. A situation that the sector has been dragging on for years and that is exacerbated by the difficulties in accessing housing on the islands, they have ensured.