The Consell de Mallorca will install 32 cameras in the coming months in the Serra de Tramuntana mountain range with sound level meters, number plate readers and speed detectors. In addition, the Consell will authorise the Directorate General of Traffic (DGT) to install six more cameras in the Tramuntana. Thus, there will be a total of 38 cameras, 20 of which will be in specific locations on the Ma-10 road and its surroundings. With this measure, the Consell de Mallorca intends to act against the problem of uncontrolled noise and racing. These incidents occur in such an emblematic place as the Serra de Tramuntana, a World Heritage Site.

The information gathered by the cameras in the Tramuntana will be handed over to the DGT, which has the power to impose penalties. Councilor Fernando Rubio assured that “from the very first moment we sided with the mayors and residents of the Serra de Tramuntana affected to seek solutions to the noise, and we believe that the installation of these 34 cameras will have a significant dissuasive effect that will improve coexistence in the Tramuntana mountain range.

The traffic cameras in the Serra de Tramuntana are scheduled to come into operation in two or three months. The goal is to have the cameras up and running by early summer 2024.

Location of the cameras in the Serra de Tramuntana

cámaras serra de tramuntana tráfico

The 34 noise, speed and number plate control cameras will be installed at the following points:


  • Andratx exit PK 110 Ma-10.
  • Between Andratx and Puerto de Andratx PK 30,1 Ma-1.
  • Camp de Mar roundabout PK 26 Ma-1.


  • Crossing of Valldemossa, Esporles and Estellencs PK 79.5 Ma-10 and Ma-1100.
  • Straight change of gradient (Son Bunyola) PK 83.4 Ma-10.


  • Bunyola-Orient PK 11.2 Ma-2100.


  • Collado de Sa Creu KP 6.5 Ma-1043.
  • Es Capdellà-Galilea PK 4.7 Ma-1032.


  • Straight of Son Marroig PK 65.5 Ma-10.


  • Gorg Blau PK 30,5 Ma-10.
  • Entrance to Lluc PK 21.1 Ma-10 and Ma-2140.
  • Nuu de la Corbata PK 3.3 Ma-2141.
  • Straight of the Mortitx vineyards PK 11 Ma-10.


  • Crossing of the Ma-1120 with the Ma-1040 in front of the sports centre.


  • Es Grau area of the Ma-10 PK 98.
  • Straight of the cliff PK 91.5 Ma-10.


  • Monnàber tunnel PK 37 Ma-10.
  • Monnàber Tunnel (DGT) PK 37.3 Ma-10.
  • Sa Bassa (DGT) PK 42.5 Ma-10.
  • Straight down to the Ses Barques viewpoint (DGT) PK 43.3 Ma-10.
  • Ses Barques viewpoint (DGT) PK 44.8 Ma-10.
  • Straight up to the Ses Barques viewpoint (DGT) KP 45.5 Ma-10.
  • Intersection of access to Fornalutx (DGT) KP 47.4 Ma-10.


  • Entrance to Cala Sant Vicenç Ma-2203.
  • Between Pollença and Puerto de Pollença PK 55 of the Ma-2200.
  • Exit from the En Fumat tunnel, between the car park and the lighthouse on the Ma-2210.
  • Between Alcúdia and Puerto de Pollença Ma-2220 and Ma-2202.


  • PK 0 Ma-1041, Ma-1101 and Ma-1032.


  • Camera and variable message panel at the exit of Caimari Ma-2130.
  • Straight from Selva-Caimari PK 6 Ma-2130.
  • Pedra en Sec viewpoint PK 13 Ma-2130.


  • Ma-10 and Ma-11 monument roundabout.


  • Entrance to Valldemossa Ma-1110.
  • Port de Valldemossa junction Ma-10 and Ma-1131.