The Calvià Town Hall has carried out a detailed assessment of the tourist season, which faces its final stretch with positive hotel occupancy levels. The mayor, Juan Antonio Amengual, has emphasised not only the economic balance of these months, but also the lack of incidents of note. The summer of 2023 has ended in this town of Mallorca with zero ‘balconing’: there have been no fatalities due to precipitation from hotels and flats in Calvià. According to the mayor, the close collaboration with the hotel sector has contributed to this, as well as the support given to the awareness campaign that continues to be launched from the United Kingdom.

The Deputy Mayor for Tourism, Elisa Monserrat, has emphasised the “enormous competitiveness” of the hotel industry in the various tourist areas of Calvià, in a context of great international competition, but which maintains the municipality as a benchmark among the preferred destinations in the Mediterranean for holidays. With respect to the area of Public Safety, the 1st Deputy Mayor, Esperanza Catalá, highlights how the implementation of the figure of the plainclothes agent has served to significantly increase -40%- the number of arrests; an increase that has also occurred with respect to the number of reports issued.

Security in Calvià

From 1 June to 24 September 2023, a total of 10,348 reports were issued in the municipality, compared to 8,067 in the same period last summer. A dissuasive effect has been observed with regard to the non-compliance with the Decree Law against excessive tourism. The security forces have acted against illegal party boats, the sale of alcohol outside the permitted hours and ‘balconing’, which in addition to a fine entails immediate expulsion from the hotel establishment. The penalties for ‘balconing’ in Mallorca amount to 36,000 euros per person. An illegal party boat can lead to a fine of 160,000 euros and the sale of alcohol outside the established hours in the areas delimited by the Decree – between 21:30 and 8:00 – can reach 100,000 euros and the precautionary closure of the establishment.

The fines in this period for contravening municipal ordinances and Organic Law 4/2015 total 2,616. Those related to municipal traffic have reached 7,163 and 544 have been sent to the DGT. Comparing the same period of time -from 1 July to 24 September- 174 arrests were recorded in 2022 and 244 in 2023, an increase of 40%.