The Govern has approved the housing emergency decree that will create limited-price housing 40% cheaper than the free market, in the case of purchase and sale, and up to 47% in the case of renting. In addition, the Law of Tourism is modified to allow the councils to seal in a precautionary way the apartments that are rented irregularly to tourists in the islands, which are estimated to be around 90 percent of those that are being marketed

According to the text of the housing emergency law that comes into force today, the Govern sets price ranges ranging from 102,000 euros to 285,000 for new properties of between 60 and 80 square meters. In the case of rent, prices will range from 385 euros to 1,070 euros per month. These figures mean that this new limited-price housing is 40% cheaper than in the free market in the case of sale and purchase, and up to 47% in the case of rental.

The Decree-Law on urgent housing measures will allow the division of large apartments and single-family houses with a minimum size of 60 meters, in the case of apartments, and 90 meters in the case of single-family houses. As well as the conversion of premises into dwellings and the increase of heights. In this sense, the City Council estimates an approximate amount of 1,500 commercial premises that could be converted into housing, as pointed out by the Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning, Óscar Fidalgo.

On the other hand, listed buildings will also be able to gain heights and divide their dwellings. Thus, the Government includes the buildings declared BIC, Asset of Cultural Interest, in its new decree law and allows them to add new floors, fragment their buildings and change the use of their commercial spaces, with a favorable report from the Heritage Commission of the Consell de Mallorca.

The new law revises the previously declassified land and elaborates a catalog of vacant land for development.

The Govern has set up a website to consult all the conditions and doubts about the new decree and the limited-price housing.

The councils will be able to seal illegal tourist offerings

Likewise, the Govern also introduces in the Decree Law a modification of the Tourism Law of the Balearic Islands to reinforce the fight against illegal supply, clandestine activity and intrusion in the tourist rental of housing, in order to be able to return to the residential market houses that are used irregularly for tourist use. Thus, the regulation will allow the councils to seal in a precautionary way the apartments that are irregularly rented to tourists in the islands.

This is a first step to correct the effects caused by Law 6/2017, in relation to the commercialization of tourist stays in housing and, in particular, in residential dwellings subject to the horizontal property regime -or multi-family buildings-.

The Decree-Law endows the competent tourism inspection with the power to adopt provisional measures for the paralysis of the illegal activity in the exercise of tourist stays in dwellings. Thus, within the chapter of the sanctioning procedure provided for in the Tourism Law, among the provisional measures, the temporary closure of the establishment or dwelling for tourist use is established as a new provisional measure.

The Govern has enabled a website to consult all the conditions and doubts about the new decree and the housing at limited price.