The number of tourists has reached 3 million visitors to the Balearic Islands in the month of August and has reached a record arrival of more than 13 million tourists during this 2023 so far, according to data from the National Institute of Statistics

Absolute record of tourists and tourist expenditure during the month of August. These are the latest data of Frontur, the Statistics of Tourist Movements in Border, and Egatur, the Survey of Tourist Expenditure, of the National Institute of Statistics. Thus, the Balearic Islands lead all indicators.

In August, the number of tourists reached almost 3 million visitors. This represents a growth of 6.4 percent over last year. The Spanish are the most numerous tourists during the central month of the vacations, followed by the British and the Germans. Another record is the cumulative number of tourists from January to August. During this period, the Balearic Islands have exceeded 13 million visitors. This figure grew by 8.4 percent.

In terms of spending, tourism has left in the Balearic Islands a total of 3,247 million euros, almost 22 percent more than last year. Therefore, each tourist has spent 1,385 euros on the islands; this amount represents a growth of 13.6 percent over last year.

Platges des Comte ruta cicloturista

Platges des Comte. Foto: Departamento de Turismo de Ibiza.