Agrotourism stays are already prepared for the touristic season in Mallorca. The virtues of this type of accommodation, located in natural settings, position the sector at the starting point to welcome tourists. Although at the moment only the Balearic residents can travel through the archipelago, there is less than a month for the borders to open and international tourists to land in Mallorca.

agroturismo Ca's Curial Soller

Agrotourism Ca’s Curial, in Sóller. Photo: Rustic Booking.

“At the moment almost all agrotourism stays are closed,” explains the president of the Associació Balear d’Agroturismes i Turisme d’Interior, Miguel Artigues, “but everything is ready for its opening. As soon as a reservation is received, it can be opened. These are small establishments, so we are prepared to serve guests for tomorrow if we receive a reservation”, says Artigues.

For now, only a few have opened their doors “with Mallorcan tourists. Others have received reservations for July, but so far the campaign is weak. There are many expectations, but still few realities. We hope that from the second half of July it will begin to cheer up and the season will last until the end of October, a very good month in previous years”, notes the president of the association, who is aware that “although not all that has been lost will be recovered, we hope that it will not be lost throughout the season. ”

“We are an attractive and safe niche for tourism”

Agrotourism accommodations are smaller than large hotels, Artigues explains. “There is no overcrowding. Users seek the security they offer, in addition to the good health system that they find in Spain and Mallorca, offering greater security. We trust that our sector is an attractive and safe niche for tourism”, he points out.

The Associació Balear d’Agroturismes i Turisme d’Interior brings together about 95 stays. One of its “essential” services, as Miguel Artigues indicates, is the swimming pool, “but each establishment is different. Some are geared towards families with children, others to rest, read… The important thing is that the guest chooses the agrotourism that interests him the most”, he concludes.