Mallorca will be the European destination that will see the first summer tourists of 2020. The proposal for a pilot project establishing safe corridors with areas of Germany in the same sanitary phase as the Balearic Islands is now a reality. With its approval, the archipelago advances the rest of the country in two weeks to receive European tourists. A great advantage to set the islands as a safe destination, the key message to convey at this time to all people who intend to enjoy their holidays.

tui flights pilot project mallorca

Tui will fleet first flights on Monday, June 15th. Photo: Group Tui.

It could not be another way on a pioneering island, at the forefront of the tourism sector. Mallorca is the headquarters of leading tourism companies worldwide. Hotel chains, bed banks and international tour operators coexist in the island. Many were born here; others decided to establish their offices attracted by the irresistible beauty of Mallorca.

The specialization and good work that residents bring to the sector, hit hard by the health crisis, have resulted in this competitive advantage of the pilot project. A plan proposed by the associations, the Federation of Hotel Businessmen of Mallorca (FEHM) and the Association of Hotel Chains (ACH), which reflect the high level of Mallorcan tourism professionals, capable of responding to such a complicated situation with competitive proposals.

Mallorca is synonymous with leadership within the sector. To the point that even the detractors of the great weight that tourism exerts on the territory also have an important role in making this happen. Stoking the debate on greener, more sustainable and moderate alternatives. That balance between being at the forefront and control is the engine that places Mallorca as a world leader in tourism. And from this first position, that of having done homework, will welcome the first tourists in times of coronavirus.

Raúl Beltrán, Palma, 11th June 2020.