Mallorca welcomes first 2020 summer tourists.

Minutes before 11.00 a.m., the first flight scheduled under the pilot project landed on the island: TuiFly’s X3 2312, originating in Dusseldorf with 189 passengers. This comes within a plan which aims to test all the measures implemented by the coronavirus pandemic and place Mallorca as a safe destination. German tourists have passed through the relevant controls at the airport and tested the security measures in place to ensure maximum safety for travelers. Minutes later, the first visitors arrived by taxi to their final destination, the Riu Concordia Playa de Palma hotel.

One of the first German tourists to arrive, talking to the journalists.

“We are very happy to be here on vacation. I have felt safe along the way, everything has worked well and we have had a pleasant flight. I have been to Mallorca on several occasions and this year we will spend a week on the island,” explained one of the first to arrive.

As soon as they got off their taxis, the Germans were greeted with applause from the hotel staff, all wearing a mask and following security protocols. Many journalists and television cameras have joined this reception, given the great expectation of capturing the arrival of the first tourists in 2020. Even a neighbor from Playa de Palma, like Josefa Bosch, wanted to witness the moment. “I am happy that they come, because right now when you walk you have the feeling that it is winter, this area has never been so empty in the middle of June,” she said.

The pilot plan has made Mallorca the first European tourist destination to receive visitors this season thanks to the collaboration of associations and regional and national administrations. A second flight will land in Mallorca today coming from Frankfurt. Finally, with the opening of the Spanish borders ahead of schedule, the plan will last only one week instead of two.