If the forecasts are fulfilled and Mallorca enters phase 2 of de-escalation next Monday, May 25th, the freedom to move around the island will be a reality and we can meet in groups of up to fifteen people. Attending weddings and funerals will also be permitted. Of course, always limiting attendees and maintaining social distance.

In less than a week, it is expected that cultural outdoor activities will also be reactivated and that cinemas, theaters and exhibition halls will reopen, albeit at a capacity of 30%.

On the other hand, bars and restaurants will be able to serve customers and diners inside and outside the premises with a limited capacity of 40% and the hotels will be able to accommodate guests as long as the common areas are not used.

In phase 2 taking a bath in recreational pools and beaches will also be allowed, so it will already be possible to satisfy those desires for beach that have been accentuated with the arrival of good weather.


But, do you know which rules you must follow on the beach?

Although the instructions are still somewhat vague and there are some doubts about whether access to the beaches will be carried out with or without a mask and / or footwear, an order has been issued by the Ministry of Health for swimmers:

  1. They must maintain a minimum safety distance of 2 meters when walking or staying on the beaches. If it is not possible to maintain the distance, they must adopt alternative measures of physical protection, hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette.
  2. They can only meet in groups of up to 15 people, unless the people gathered live together at the same address.
  3. They must make responsible use of the beach from an environmental and sanitary point of view. To do this, they must comply with the recommendations and sanitary regulations, which will be informed by means of visible posters or public address messages.
  4. They can do sports as long as they do it individually and without physical contact.

The Order of the Ministry of Health also states that the cleaning and disinfection of public toilets will be reinforced, which must be equipped with soap and / or hydro-alcoholic gels, and the use of showers and water sources will be prohibited.

Picture: Pedro Coll. Courtesy of AETIB.