The Teatre Principal program for this semester will open with Anar a Saturn i tornar, by Marta Barceló. A program that until July 2021 will offer all kinds of scenic registers, from opera to popular gloss. This new list of shows, with more than 40 titles, has been conditioned by the Covid-19 pandemic. The main consequence has been the postponement of the opera L’elisir d’amore, which was scheduled for the first week of March, with new dates yet to be confirmed.

Programming in the Grand Hall has also been prioritized, due to current 30% capacity restrictions. With this capacity, the Sala Petita can receive only 40 spectators, which makes programming in this room unfeasible. In addition, all functions in February and March will be at 7:00 p.m., except those on Sundays which are held at 6:00 p.m. All this, to facilitate the ability to respect the curfew of 22:00.

The Teatre Principal has wanted to put emphasis on programming companies from the islands, given the difficult circumstances that the scenic sector is going through. Thus, of the 54 scheduled shows, 34 are from the Balearic Islands and 20 are from abroad.

programación Teatre Principal Palma 2021

February in the Teatre Principal

In February, in addition to Anar a Saturn i tornar, the Teatre Principal has programmed the Highlands Project jazz concert (day 9); the play Encara hi ha algú al bosc, with Ariadna Gil (12th); the Atxiiiiim family show …! (days 13 and 14); the Encontres composition workshop (day 16); Excalibur i altres històries d’animals morts, by Hermanas Picohueso (19, 20 and 21); and the lyrical show Ànima d’elisir, by Mallorcòpera (27 and 28).

Teatre Principal programming in March and April

The Teatre Principal’s programming in March will begin on the 2nd with the Mostra de Cinema de Muntanya; the Petit concert (day 9); the Climàtic 3.0 concert, by Miquel Àngel Aguiló (day 13); (A) les, from the family theater company La fada absent-minded (day 14); the tribute concert to Carles Guinovart (day 16); the concert of the Orquestra Simfònica de les Illes Balears Contes i fantasies II (day 18); the play Guaret, by Pedro Mas (19, 20 and 21); the play Kelly, by Rafel Gallego, directed by Sergi Belbel (26, 27 and 28); and the Aürt circus show (30 and 31).

April will begin the programming of the Teatre Principal with the Requiem, by Mozart, by the Orquestra de Cambra de Mallorca (3 and 4); the Anna Ferrer concert (day 6); the Tirant montage, based on the work of Joanot Martorell (day 10); the play Coloma, by Marina Collado (10 and 11); Nua, by Ann Perello (16, 17 and 18); the familiar Una flor no fa estiu (day 18); Cabaret Weill, with Kurt Weill’s Three-cent Opera, for Simfovents (days 22 and 23); Preserving memory (23 and 24); Joan Miquel Oliver’s concert to celebrate the 15 years of the album Surfistes en camera slowly (25th); the popular culture show I do not know com gloses (day 29) and the circus production of Está d’emergència (day 30).

Shows scheduled in May and June

May will start with Carmelo Gómez and his show A vueltas con Lorca (day 1); it will continue with the concert of the guitarist Jaume Tugores (day 4); the Trama choreography (day 6); the multidisciplinary lyrical show Verding, by Diabolus in Música (8 and 9); the dance show Unexploded Bomb, by Elena Lalucat (14, 15 and 16); the family theater of Sabates noves (29 and 30) and the opera Il trovatore, by Verdi, (26, 29 and 30).

The play Siau benvingut, by Alexandre Ballester will open June (day 1); which will continue with the Pau Vallvé concert (day 8); Paradís, by Sergio Baos (11, 12 and 13); Baalconing, by Cati Carrasco (17, 18 and 19); Història d’un senglar (day 26). Legendary soul singer LaLa Brooks on July 1; and the Rock & Press concert, 10 years after their last performance, on July 3 will close the program of the Teatre Principal de Palma for the semester.