The Public Radio and Television Entity of the Balearic Islands (IB3) and the Marilles Foundation will jointly produce a documentary on the Balearic Sea. A work that will be in the format of a documentary series on the marine natural environment of the Balearic Islands. The series, which will be shot and edited this year, will consist of 8 chapters and 2 documentaries on marine protected areas. The objective is to highlight the wealth of the Balearic Sea to bring it closer to the citizens of the islands.

This series will feature the participation of leading audiovisual and scientific talents. In addition, it will be carried out with a clear naturalistic, informative and preservation aspect of natural wonders. The documentary of the Balearic Sea has been possible thanks to the financial contribution of the Public Entity and Marilles. At the same time, it has received the support of Fundatur for this project.

documental mar balear marilles ib3

Sergi Escandell, shooting in Cabrera. Photo: Agusti Torres.

Andreu Manresa, general director of the Public Broadcasting Agency of the Balearic Islands, assures that “IB3 will be, here and in everything, the great window on the sea and the underwater view of the closest, exceptional and fragile nature, inaccessible to most of the citizens”.

Aniol Esteban, director of the Marilles Foundation, declares: “From the majestic sperm whale to tiny sea slugs of impossible colors, the Balearic Sea hides a diversity of species, habitats and landscapes still unknown. With this series we want to make visible the richness that is hides under our waters, inspire optimism and help build a better future for its conservation. The sea plays an essential role in the prosperity of the Balearic Islands. We can overcome the crisis by protecting the Balearic Sea. Asserting natural marine capital through images is a first step to achieve it “.