The State Meteorological Agency has activated the orange alert for coastal phenomena and strong winds in Mallorca, accompanied by rains. The squall Ciarán brings gusts of wind that could reach up to 110 kilometers per hour and the rains will appear from the afternoon accompanied by thunderstorms

According to data from the State Meteorological Agency, the squall Ciarán will leave gusts of wind up to 110 kilometers per hour and waves that can reach 8 meters high.

Thus, the orange alert has been activated for coastal phenomena and strong winds on the island until 8 p.m., when it will change to yellow alert.

For their part, both Civil Protection and Emergencies 112 have also issued an alert warning of the strong gusts of wind that could cause the squall, as well as the strong sea storm that will affect the island.

It is expected that from 17:00 hours showers make an appearance accompanied by thunderstorms, and may be occasionally strong throughout the island. Precipitation will continue tomorrow, Friday, November 3, where heavy storms may be accompanied by hail.

For Friday the State Meteorological Agency maintains the alert for strong winds in Mallorca, but will lower it to a yellow warning until 18:00 hours in the Serra de Tramuntana and in the south of the island with gusts of up to 70 kilometers per hour.