In the early morning of October 28th to 29th, from Saturday to Sunday, it will be necessary to change the time in Spain, moving the clocks back one hour: at 3:00 am will be 2:00 am. With this time change in the month of October comes the winter time.

The last weekend of October we will change the time and welcome the winter time. At 3:00 am on Saturday morning it will be 2:00 am. With this time change, the days will be shorter and it will get dark earlier

There is some doubt as to whether this will be the last time change after Europe approved in 2019 to put an end to it, for the time being the Official State Gazette (BOE) has published the biannual seasonal changes until 2026.

cambio hora octubre otoño

In Spain and almost 70 other countries around the world – both in the northern and southern hemispheres – the time is changed twice a year: the last weekend of October for winter time, and at the end of March for summer time.

Does the clock go back or forward with the time change in October? In the early morning of the 28th to the 29th – the next weekend – at 3:00 am (peninsular time) the clock will go back one hour, it will be 2:00 am.

That night those who do not work at night will be able to sleep one hour longer.

Regarding the next time changes published in the BOE, the time change for the beginning of summer 2024 will be on March 31.