Finding where to park in Palma is an increasingly complicated task. The lack of parking in city centres makes it difficult for thousands of drivers to find a place to park their cars on a daily basis. And even more so if the aim is to pay the lowest possible rate. In this sense, three cheap car parks in Palma can make life easier for those looking for a place to leave their car all day for a reasonable price.

In Palma, the Sociedad Municipal de Aparcamientos (SMAP) controls the city’s public car parks. In fact, the public company has reduced the price of some of these car parks in 2023.

Cheap car parks in Palma

The daily rates of three car parks in Palma have been reduced to a maximum of 5 euros per day. For this reason, all three are a great option as cheap car parks in Palma. They are the following:

  • Calle Manacor.
  • Plaza Santa Pagesa.
  • Sa Riera Park.

In order to offer cheap parking in Palma, the SMAP board of directors approved a maximum daily rate of 5 euros in these three car parks. Until now they were priced at 15 euros for the whole day. This has meant a reduction of up to 66%. In this way, the aim is to offer affordable prices in peripheral car parks and to encourage people to travel on foot, by bicycle or via the EMT Palma bus lines.

The rotation rate for these three peripheral car parks remains at 1.300581 euros per hour. Thus, people staying in the Manacor, Santa Pagesa and Sa Riera car parks from the fourth hour onwards will pay a maximum rate of 5 euros.

All the municipal car parks in Palma can be consulted on the following map.

aparcamientos baratos en Palma