The mayor of Palma, Jaime Martínez Llabrés, this Wednesday presented the tender for the preliminary project to reform the Plaça Major and improve the accesses to Carrer Sant Miquel and Plaça Marqués de Palmer, Plaça dels Capellers, Ramblas, Costa d’en Sintes and Costa del Teatre. This project will mean the definitive renovation of a space that has been in a state of progressive degradation for years, according to the consistory. The preliminary project, with an overall budget of 21 million euros, also contemplates the possibility of adapting the tunnel that runs from the Plaça Major to the Parc de la Mar. The mayor assured that “it is foreseen that the remodelling and adaptation work on the plaça Major could begin in July 2025”.

During the press conference to present the tender, Martínez described this day as a “historic day for Palma City Council after years of neglect by the previous government team” with regard to the square and its surroundings, while pointing out that the tender “will take on the renovation not only of the plaça Major with its galleries, but also of the adjacent streets, including the flower area of the Rambla.

Jaime Martínez, alcalde de Palma

Cultural Interpretation Centre

In relation to floor -1, where the galleries are currently located, the installation of an Interpretation Centre is planned, which will constitute the main nucleus where all the cultural infrastructures that will enable Palma to aspire to be elected Cultural Capital in 2032 will be conveyed. In addition, commercial and cultural spaces, multifunctional and multipurpose areas, public toilets and shops will be incorporated.

As far as the square is concerned, the intervention foresees an improvement to house cultural and multifunctional leisure activities (craft markets, theatre, etc.), bringing light and ventilation to the space below and creating shaded areas depending on the season and visuals with the adjoining public space (Ramblas, squares, streets and the Teatre coast), adequate lighting for its use and the inclusion of environmental and energy improvements.

The possibility is raised that the winning preliminary project may resolve to make the tunnel connecting Plaça Major with Parc de la Mar available to the public, although, as Martínez Llabrés assured, “as long as the safety of the tunnel for the public and its accessibility are certified”.

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