The Consell de Mallorca will award batches of Mallorcan products to 25,080 people who buy in proximity shops

The president of the Consell, Catalina Cladera, and the Minister of Economic Promotion and Local Development, Jaume Alzamora, have presented the initiative “Purchase at the petit Comerç de Mallorca”, which will distribute 25,080 batches of Majorcan products among the customers of the 660 shops in the island to join the project, which will be launched this month and will have an economic endowment of two million euros.

The lots that the Consell will give away will have a value of  €55 or €100 depending on the cost of purchases, which should be €70 for the €55 lot and €125 for the €100 lot. In this way, “on the one hand buying in small and local shops is encouraged and, on the other hand, the Mallorcan product is promoted”, Cladera stated. In addition, “it will also serve to attract consumers to the businesses that join the initiative.”

Lots with Mallorcan taste

The 25,080 lots that will be distributed and that will involve an injection of 1.9 million euros for the productive sectors of the island, will include all kinds of local products: wine, olives, sobrasada, tap de cortí, almonds, organic food products (salsa of carob, salt, chickpeas, jam and tomato derivatives of ramellet), artisan products such as neulas, cookies, cheese, gató, soap, herbal liqueur, ceramics or llengües cloth.

Citizens interested in getting a lot will have to request a redeemable voucher through the website from March 15th. Once the voucher is received, they will have to spend at any of the participating businesses and it will be then that they receive the gift at the same establishment. Minister Alzamora explained that “the project will mean that each merchant generates sales of at least 3,700 euros among the citizens who obtain the bonds.”

A campaign focused on small businesses

A total of 660 businesses from different areas of Mallorca will be able to participate in this initiative by registering on the website To benefit from the aid, they must be small and medium-sized businesses open to the public throughout the year. In no case may they be establishments managed by franchise or located in shopping centers, industrial estates, outlets, department stores, street vendors or online stores. At the end of March, participating businesses will receive € 2,945 aid to purchase 30 product batches.