Touring Mallorca during these months when tourists arrive slowly has become one of the favourite plans for residents of the island. One of the best-kept paradises is located on the northeast coast of Mallorca. There are several virgin beaches and coves nestled in the Capdepera and Artá ​​area. Although getting there from the other side of the island takes time, the paradise hidden on this coast is one of the must visit of Mallorca.

The starting point of this walking itinerary is the fascinating picture of Cala Mesquida, declared a ​​special interest area because of its dunes surrounding it and the species that inhabit it. Its long strip of sand and crystal clear waters, even when the rough sea lashes, make it one of the best beaches in Mallorca. Although it is advisable not to go too far into the sea due to the typical marine currents of the area.

cala mesquida mallorca

Cala Mesquida.

Once you have sufficiently enjoyed the incredible Cala Mesquida, it is time to take a westbound route to start the real adventure. From the car park located on the west side of Cala Mesquida, continue the asphalted ascent, which will quickly become a narrow path. The trail is steep but the next stop will not be long, as Cala Torta is less than two kilometers away.

Once again the image of a virgin beach located on the Artá ​​coast will appear, making swimming in its crystalline waters irresistible. If the day is clear, from Cala Torta you can even see the silhouette of Menorca in the background. The third stop on the route is just a few minutes away, in the neighboring Cala Mitjana or S’Aduaia. To get from Cala Torta you have to keep walking west along the coast for about ten minutes.

The three beaches along the route share the bravery of the winds and the waves of the Artanenc coastline and, although the first is the most touristy, all three are a haven of peace, a true paradise ideal to discover this summer.