Mallorca Caprice makes an exclusive visit to the estate of Raixa in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains.

Antoni Colom, manager of Raixa, was our private guide because of the possession that takes the visitor back to the 19th century. The gardens that surround it, its monumental staircase, the large pond and the panoramic views make Raixa a very special estate that you should include in your visits.

The Raixa estate is located in the municipality of Bunyola. It has been declared an Asset of Cultural Interest (BIC) and is known for the gardens that surround the house and stretch along the slopes of ‘sa Muntanyeta’. In the 18th century it already had garden areas, although the current gardens date from the 19th century.

Raixa is open to the public because it is a very special estate. Given the large number of requests from Mallorcan residents, the estate opened its doors on the 8th of June. The residents wanted to take the opportunity to visit Raixa with hardly any foreign tourists.

One of the characteristics that makes this place special is its location. Its elevation allows you to see the bay of Palma on one side and the Serra on the other.

Visitors are influenced by films that have been recorded here, such as “Death under the Sun” based on Agatha Christie’s book, “Bearn or the Doll’s Room” or “The Zeal”.

The most rural landscape of the island can be found in Raixa. The foreigners who visit it perceive this estate as a “symbol of Majorca”.

You have to go back to the beginning of the 19th century to find out why there are so many rooms and to see the magnificence of this estate with its 52 hectares of gardens.

The visitor finds in Raixa a clear example of what the possesions were in pre-tourist Mallorca. Noble families exploited the land following this model. Visitors are taken back to that time. The staircase, the oil mill or the flour water mill as well as the rooms, which are very well decorated, place the traveller in a very characteristic moment of the history of Mallorca.

The opening is marked by the measures designed by the Ministry of Health and you can visit Raixa, with a mask, by appointment and with the option of a guided tour. The maximum time for groups is one and a half hours and a new group can enter every half hour.

Timetable of the Raixa estate:

From Tuesday to Saturday from 10 h to 15 h. Monday, Sunday and the rest of the holidays, closed.

It is compulsory to book the visit by appointment, with the option of guided tours (Catalan, Spanish, English or German).

Telephone for booking visits:

(+34) 971 237 636

Enjoy your visit!