Jorge Pérez de Zabalza, Tourism and Marketing national director of Via Outlets, explains the security measures adopted at the Mallorca Fashion Outlet center and the acceptance of users during these first weeks of shopping center opening.

– How has it been the acceptance and the assistance of public since the reopening of Mallorca Fashion Outlet?
– We are very satisfied with the behavior of our visitors during this new reality; respect and acceptance of the measures implemented has been the general norm. In addition, the fact that it is an open-air center, the dimensions and green areas offer a more relaxed, pleasant and safe visit experience. This is immediately perceived by our visitors and it is reflected in the high number of visitors who have come to the center these first weeks.

– What are the security measures that have been implemented and how are they working?
– Mallorca Fashion Outlet has scrupulously followed the hygienic sanitary and security measures recommended by the government: personal distance, cleaning, restrictions on the use of common areas and even elimination of access or capacity control; but where we see the difference is in how they have been implemented. For us, our visitors to feel protected is a priority, but a pleasant and welcoming visit is no less important, so from the reception to the center the client has a team of professionals who welcome and explain what the rules of use are in a kind way. In addition, the way in which all the signage in the center has been reworked to convey a coherent and simple image seeks to make the visit extremely pleasant and, as always, there is a care for the space that makes the visit unique. As a result, the satisfaction and care with which they have been treated are unanimous among our visitors, and this is evident in the excellent results we are having in these first weeks of opening.

– Are all stores and services open?
– All our stores, restaurants area and terraces are already practically fully open. In the case of cinemas, we expect them to open during the first part of July, once the movie premieres begin, something basic for its operation. In the same way, all the leisure part will recover normality.

– Are new openings planned in the center?
– We continue in the line of offering first-class brands that our clients demand, and UGG and Carhartt will soon open their doors, as well as the Aloha Poke & Sushi restaurant, with a very fresh concept that will perfectly complement our restaurant offer.

– How is the summer season presented in Mallorca Fashion Outlet?
– We have always been the option for families to visit Mallorca and of course, a very interesting option for all international visitors to the islands who love the Mediterranean concept that they find in our center as another extension of what the island has to offer. With the positive news of border openings, we are definitely looking forward to a very active summer, though, putting safety above everything else at all times.

– Will there be any special events in the coming weeks?
– Regarding events, we believe that it is better to postpone them; in fact, and until we really see the evolution of the summer, our peak day of the month, ‘The Superthursday’, has been canceled to avoid a high number of visitors at the same time.

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Welcoming signals in Mallorca Fashion Outlet shopping center.