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Palma Pictures shooting in Mallorca. Photos: Palma Pictures.

After an “absolute” hiatus due to the health crisis and international restrictions, Germán Traver, director and head of locations and PR for Palma Pictures, hopes to resume the activity of the audiovisual sector “progressively”, once the restrictions on international flights are reduced.

The ‘service’ sector invoiced in Mallorca over 70 million euros, not counting IB3 productions. “It is a very important exponential growth compared to previous years. In the Balearic Islands and Mallorca we have recorded relevant series such as ‘White lines’ and ‘Mallorca files’, large-scale projects with a team of between 150 and 250 people. We are a very attractive country to shoot ”, says the manager of Palma Pictures.

The coast and Palma, main atractions of Mallorca

“The Mediterranean exteriors are the biggest attraction in Mallorca. The coast is a very important atraction in the Balearic Islands. The Balearic filming sector, which started in the mid-90s, was practically born together with the Es Trenc beach, where a lot of advertising was shot and was the star location of Mallorca. It has 360 degrees free of any type of obstacle or civilization, which can serve as a deserted, almost Caribbean beach; a beautiful location”, says Traver.

But in addition to the photogenic Mallorcan coast, “the city of Palma is another of the atractions. The Palma Film Office offers many facilities and Palma has a very beautiful Mediterranean architecture, where many shoots are made and even dramas are recorded. ‘Mallorca files’ has recorded many scenes in the city ”.

Optimistic short term future

According to Traver, the institutions are again giving filming authorizations and, on the part of the Govern, there is a clear intention of supporting the sector. But it is necessary to re-acquire the necessary confidence to travel. During the confinement, “some remote filming has been done and now activities in national production are beginning to resume. At the international level, we are waiting, depending on the trust we can generate at the country and community levels. In this sense, the pilot tourism projects help”, indicates Germán Traver.

Palma Pictures already has a project scheduled for July, “not too big, but this is how we gradually resume the activity,” says Traver. “This project will be a good yardstick to see how things are going to be done. There are very strict health protocols that we will have to comply with”. In addition, the entity is already budgeting for new projects.

The optimism of the sector is clear and this is stated by Germán Traver: “The demand is very high, we have had to postpone projects that we had, but they have not been canceled, so they are expected to resume shortly.” Following the health crisis, “there has been an improvement in tax incentives for these projects to fall within national territory, which puts us at the forefront worldwide to carry out these projects. Spain has adopted measures that are attractive for series such as ‘The Crown’ or ‘Game of Thrones’ to come here and not go elsewhere. ”

From Palma Pictures, Traver thanks the Mallorca Film Commission and the Govern “for their clear commitment so that we can resume the activity soon. It is important, because in addition the sector also makes a certain promotion of the territory. We have received support and continue to be supported ”, he concludes.