Port Adriano has given 3,000 euros in prizes on the third edition of the Photography Contest that the port organizes every year. The jury has already ruled the awards for this edition, the theme of which was based on a highly sought-after concept these months: contact. A difficult task, since they have received more than 800 photographs.

The hugs that we miss so much, the caresses… The contact has focused the images participating in this Port Adriano Photography Contest. True to its philosophy of supporting culture in all its aspects, and of continuing to carry out activities throughout the year, beyond the summer season, Port Adriano organized this contest, which has now become one of the
most important of the islands, for their attractive prizes.

Port Adriano Photography Contest winners

“Autumm Lovers”, by Silvia Mus.

concurso fotografía port adriano ganadores

“Eternal caresses”, by Miquel Planells.

Caricias eternas, de Miquel Planells

“¡Hello dad!”, by Philip Rogan.

¡Hola Papá! de Philip Rogan

The three winners will receive a prize of 1,000 euros. In addition, Rubén Vázquez, thanks to the photograph of him “Pilla Pilla”, has received a course at the EDIB school.

The selection of the finalists and winners has fallen to the management of Port Adriano, the audiovisual school EDIB (Fleming Group), Foto Ruano Pro and Photopills. Each year more and higher quality photographs have been received, this year reaching more than 800, arrivals from all corners of Spain, even from Israel or India. The 20 finalist photographs will be exhibited in the incomparable setting of Port Adriano throughout 2021.