The Balearic Sports Interpretation Center (CIEIB) has just made the leap into the digital world. It does so by launching a website with the aim of disseminating the Balearic sports legacy also on the Internet. Thus, part of the CIEIB collection is made available to users, which since 2012 has tried to publicize the material and immaterial wealth of the sports culture of the autonomous community, based at the Illes Balears Velodrome in Palma.

The center is divided into two large areas that reflect the sporting legacy of the Balearic Islands, both from the historical point of view and from the documentary point of view. On the website you can see part of the compilation of oral and written sources of the sports culture of the islands. For its part, the center, which belongs to the Fundació per a l’Esport Balear, is divided into two main areas: the museum collection and the Sports Library.

Balearic sports museum

The museum collection has more than 200 objects related to the history of sport in the Balearic Islands. Many of them can be visited in their permanent exhibition. Among his most important permanent monographic exhibitions (since 2017) he proposes a visit to the Personal Collection of the motorcycle rider Lluís Salom Horrach (Palma 1991-2016). In addition, it has a program of temporary exhibitions (of its own funds or other entities), both at its headquarters and in other places in our geography. It also contains an important stamp collection dedicated exclusively to sport from around the world of nearly 5,000 stamps.

Sports library

Created in 2002 to attend to the development of sports research, it includes a bibliographic collection of more than 13,000 volumes. This places it among the top 5 in the country by the number of monographs. The collection includes both technical and informative monographs in various languages. It is completed with an important sports newspaper library; both in physical format (until 2010), and digital format (as of 2010). And it also has several photography collections, both in paper and digital format. The collection of images of the Tirador velodrome in Palma stands out.

CIEIB: 21,000 records and 5,000 biographies

The Sports Interpretation Center of the Balearic Islands collects oral and written sources (currently more than 21,000 records) on the sports culture of our islands and takes care of their correct cataloging and dissemination in exhibitions and publications. Of notable importance is its biographical database (about 5,000 biographies) of both athletes and people related to sport born or related to the Balearic Islands.

The new website, in addition to making information about the library, the museographic collection and documents and publications available to citizens, also has sections on curiosities such as “Did you know what…”, “On this day…” that will periodically present a good part of the compilation of oral and written sources of the Balearic Sports Interpretation Center.

The museum collections (self-guided) can be visited from Monday to Sunday, between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. You can visit the new website through this link.