Pollença, in the north of the island, is an area of great historical, artistic and natural wealth. Some of its corners, such as Port de Pollença, Formentor, Cala Sant Vicenç and Cala Bóquer offer the visitor an environment of extraordinary beauty.

Near the Ternelles path, at the exit of the municipality, is the Roman Bridge, a historical-artistic monument that has been a must see since 1967. A few metres away, you can also visit the convent of Santo Domingo from the 16th century, whose beautiful cloister stands out.

Port de Pollença, a retreat to be missed

At the end of the last century, Port de Pollença experienced a remarkable growth due to the arrival of tourists, who soon succumbed to its charms. In the same way, many artists, writers and musicians sought inspiration for their works in this picturesque area.

Walking by the sea, where you can find mansions flanked by pine trees, shopping or simply sitting on one of the many terraces along the promenade to enjoy a vibrant sunset can be a great plan to end a great day. From Mallorca Caprice, we recommend La Nonna, trattoria pizzeria, which has a splendid terrace overlooking the sand. There you can try homemade pasta and a wide variety of homemade pizzas (their speciality). Whether for a brunch, lunch or dinner, sign up for La Nonna.