With a grant of 183,000 euros, the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food supports ‘Som Pagesos de Mallorca’, a guarantee brand that was created to distinguish fruit and vegetables produced on the island in the market.

‘Som Pagesos de Mallorca’ is made up of four companies from the island: Agroilla, Agromallorca, Terracor and Es Merca.

The manager of Agromallorca, Isabel Vicens, who has served as spokesperson for the brand, explained that ‘Som Pagesos de Mallorca’ aims to be “the benchmark for Mallorcan agri-food products, to lead their production and promotion and transmit the added value they provide to the economy and society ”.

The four companies that make up this guarantee brand have an area of ​​913.57 hectares planted. Agroilla represents 279.34 hectares; Agromallorca, 236.77; Terracor, 305.85; and Es Merca, 91.61.

Of the total hectares, 521.21 are registered in integrated or organic production. This Association of Economic Interest (AIE) is in the process of becoming the Association of Organization of Fruit and Vegetable Producers number 10 in Spain, and the first of the Balearic Islands.

The economic support that the initiative receives is a helpline to develop pilot projects. It is framed within the Rural Development Program (PDR) to promote, position and certify the product guarantee mark.

‘Som Pagesos de Mallorca’. Photo: GOIB