The State Meteorological Agency warns of a heat wave in Mallorca caused by a mass of warm air of African origin that will raise temperatures on the island to 41 degrees. Today and tomorrow we are at maximum orange alert level, which could turn red

The week begins with an orange alert in the interior of the island on Monday for extreme temperatures and on Tuesday, in the interior and the north and northeast of the island. The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) warns that the warning could turn red in the next few hours, with temperatures reaching up to 44 degrees Celsius.

During Tuesday night the thermometers will not drop below 30 degrees in many parts of the island and the feeling of suffocation will be maintained by the abundant dust in suspension that exists in the atmosphere.

ola de calor Mallorca

Monday and Tuesday, on orange alert

Daytime temperatures could reach peaks of 42 degrees Celsius in the interior of Mallorca and the tropical nights, already widespread over the last week, will raise the thermometers even higher to 30 degrees Celsius.

According to Aemet, the extreme temperature warning will be activated at midday until eight in the evening, with maximum temperatures expected to reach 39 degrees inland and 36 degrees in the rest of the island, with a yellow alert. The atmosphere will also be dominated by suspended dust, as at the weekend, which will further increase the sensation of heat and suffocation. Temperatures will also rise significantly at night, according to the Aemet forecast.

Tuesday is the critical day, according to the Aemet. The orange alert for extreme temperatures extends, in addition to the interior of Mallorca, to the north and northeast, with maximum temperatures of 41 degrees that could reach 42 degrees. During the day the thermometers will not drop below 38 degrees. And during the night many places on the island will be above 30 degrees. The warnings will be activated at midday and will be deactivated from seven in the evening.

Heatwave: Red alert with up to 44 degrees

The State Meteorological Agency warns that the alert could go to red and reach 44 degrees. It seems that on Wednesday, with the arrival of the north wind, temperatures could take a break, although not the night temperatures, which will continue to rise.