Grupo Piñero has reached an agreement with the prestigious Professional Golf Association of America (PGA of America). An alliance that materializes with the evolution of its Ocean’s 4 golf course, which is renamed PGA Ocean’s 4, located within the Playa Nueva Romana tourist resort, in the Dominican Republic. The golf course of the Mallorcan group thus becomes the new golf facility in Latin America affiliated with the PGA of America.

The change of identity is part of the evolution process of the company’s golf business, which manages four courses attached to its hotels and residential complexes, and also takes place in the creation of the first PGA of America Golf Academy in the Dominican Republic. , which will host PGA Ocean’s 4. In it, both owners, residents and players will be able to enjoy innovative practices, development programs and exclusive educational content, as well as extraordinary instructors, in charge of providing an incomparable golf experience for all levels of golf. game and from the hand of one of the most important sports organizations in the world.

PGA Ocean's 4 Dominicana

PGA Ocean’s 4. Photo: Grupo Piñero.

Likewise, the impulse of this discipline reflects that, beyond being a sport, golf is understood as an instrument that actively contributes to the development of a region. For this reason, Grupo Piñero and its Bahia Principe Golf division, together with the PGA of America, are working together to promote the expansion of this sport. And the Dominican Republic is an important destination for golf lovers. The country is currently experiencing an important moment in the world of golf, positioning itself as a complementary tourist activity, developed around vacations and moments of enjoyment.

In the presentation of the new name of the complex were Encarna Piñero, Executive Vice President CEO of the Group, and Jesús Durán, CEO of Grupo Piñero in the Dominican Republic, who were accompanied by the Minister of Tourism of the Dominican Republic, David Collado.

Golf as a holiday claim

In the words of Encarna Piñero, “we have lived through very difficult times, due to the health emergency caused by Covid-19 worldwide, but during this time we have focused on facing the situation with humanity, responsibility and courage, with the aim of adapt to this new reality and continue with our strategy. An attitude that has allowed us to proudly celebrate this new change of identity today, a reflection of the fact that we continue to take steps forward in our alliance with the PGA of America, as well as our firm commitment to golf as a vacation claim”.

PGA Ocean’s 4 has a management focused on the sustainable maintenance of the field that, together with the conservation actions carried out jointly with the Botanical Garden, make PGA Ocean’s 4 a biodiversity sanctuary where we find a great variety of species of flora and fauna that make the game a unique journey.