More and more series are recorded in Mallorca each year. Directors and producers find a wonderful film set on the island. Beach, mountains, urban planning, interior landscapes… Regarding the increase in audiovisual recordings and projects, at Mallorca Caprice we have interviewed Pedro Barbadillo, head of the Mallorca Film Commission, or with Germán Traver, director of Palma Pictures. A booming sector that immortalizes the territory of Mallorca for the small screen. Here is a list of the series shot in Mallorca and where they can be seen.

The latest series recorded in Mallorca

“The hunt. Tramuntana”

The popular RTVE series arrived in Mallorca with its second season, in which the Serra de Tramuntana centers the plot of this psychological ‘thriller’. Sergeant Selva goes to the mountains of Mallorca to find out what happened to his partner Sara Campos. The sergeant had gone to the mountains days before to investigate the murder of Bernat Cervera before three young people. One of the last series recorded in Mallorca that can be watched for free on RTVE on demand.

serie La Caza. Tramuntana

“La Caza (The hunt). Tramuntana”. Photo: RTVE.

“White Lines”

Twenty years have passed since the disappearance of a British DJ in Almería when his sister travels to Ibiza to investigate what happened. Alex Pina, creator of “La Casa de Papel”, is behind this series recorded in Mallorca whose 10 episodes are available on Netflix.


The Spanish adaptation of the English series “Liar” is an Atresmedia production available on Atresplayer Premium. Starring Javier Rey, Manuela Velasco, Susi Sánchez, Ángela Cremonte and Paco Tous, the life of its protagonist, a literature teacher, will take a turn after a night with a well-known surgeon from Palma. The investigation of the possible violation that took place that night takes place in the island’s capital.

“Turn up Charlie”

Idris Elba stars in this series shot in Mallorca and premiered on Netflix. A comedy in which his character, Charlie, works as a DJ and is about to participate in an important concert that could relaunch his musical career. Fatherhood will take Charlie by surprise, who will have to face reconciling work and family life.

“The Mallorca Files”

The island already appears in the title of this series shot in Mallorca in which two detectives work hand in hand with the Palma police. Together they will have to solve some of the strangest crimes in Mallorca. Within its development it is interesting to see how the agents, the English Miranda Blake and the German Max Winter, will have to adapt to a culture that is not their own. About “The Mallorca files”, a BBC series, a route through Mallorca has been created, which we talk about in this other article.

series grabadas en mallorca

“The Mallorca Files”. Photo: BBC.

“The night manager”

This critically acclaimed 6-episode miniseries is based on the novel of the same name by John Le Carré. In “The Infiltrator”, a former British soldier is recruited by the intelligence services to infiltrate an international arms dealer network. With Hugh Laurie (House), this spy series filmed in Mallorca hooks just by watching the trailer. Available on Amazon Prime Video.

“Mad dogs”

American black comedy available on Amazon that revolves around four old friends who get together to celebrate a retirement. It will be then that a murder at the hands of a man in a cat mask upsets the protagonists. Mafias, corrupted cops and more crimes will follow one another throughout the plot.

The IB3 series recorded in Mallorca

“Mai neva a ciutat”, “Treufoc”, “En vida teva”, “El Anell”, “Pep”, “Mossen Capellá”, “Amor de Cans” … These are some of the many IB3 productions that have been recorded in Majorca locations. The portal of the public entity offers the possibility of viewing them in its ‘a la carte’ programming.

amor de cans serie Mallorca IB3

“Amor de cans”. Photo: IB3.

Next series to be shot in mallorca

Some older series also chose Mallorca as a filming set. This is the case of “Hotel Paradis”, a German series from the 90s, or “Verbotene Liebe”, also German, although this time from 2011. In addition, two other series begin shooting in 2021 on the island. They are “Der König von Palma” and “Pirates of the Balearic Sea”.

Palma pictures grabación

The beaches, a claim for recordings. Photo: Palma Pictures.