Among the actions of the Local Police this weekend, those related to road safety, the control of botellones and the sale of alcohol on the streets of Playa de Palma stand out

According to data from the Local Police, over the weekend, the services related to the street sale of alcohol in Playa de Palma stood out, with the result that 1,015 cans of beer were seized; 6 bottles of beer with tequila and 106 bottles of water.

A night-time control was also carried out on Paseo Mallorca. 27 breathalyser tests were carried out – 24 with negative results and 3 positive – and 27 fines were issued: 8 fines for expired MOT, 11 for not wearing a seat belt, 1 for driving a vehicle using a mobile phone, 1 for driving with a temporarily suspended licence, among others. In addition, 3 vehicles were withdrawn, 2 for driving with alcohol levels above the permitted and 1 for driving an uninsured vehicle.

Plaza Columnas, Polígono Son Castelló and la Soledad

Control Passeig Mallorca Policia Local Palma

Local Police control in Paseo Mallorca at the weekend. Photo: Local Police.

On the other hand, several anti-botellón controls were carried out. In Plaza Columnas, 4 fines were issued for botellón and 1 arrested for gender violence.

The actions in the Son Castelló industrial estate resulted in 62 complaints, the majority of these, 58, for botellón.

In the Soledad neighbourhood, a public safety and vehicle documentation control was carried out: a total of 45 vehicles were checked, 25 reports were issued, 11 of them for ITV, 3 for not wearing seat belts, 5 for possession of drugs, 2 for lack of compulsory insurance, among others.

Different services were also carried out for misappropriation, gender violence, injury offences and the lifeguards’ strike, which was finally called off.