Astilleros de Mallorca has donated more than 5,800 images from 1945 to 1990 that will become part of the collection of the Arxiu del So i de la Imatge of the Consell de Mallorca

The Arxiu del So i de la Imatge de Mallorca, managed by the Department of Culture, Heritage and Linguistic Policy of the Consell de Mallorca, has received the transfer of part of the photographic collection of Astilleros de Mallorca. The transfer comprises a total of 5,871 unpublished photographic documents.

Valued at 17,600 euros, the transfer includes images from between 1945 and 1990, and is for 10 years with the possibility of extension.

Specifically, 4,525 positives and 1,346 photographic negatives become part of the Arxiu’s documentary collection. The photographs carefully document the evolution of the company. As well as its facilities during the second half of the 20th century and the shipbuilding techniques.

Astilleros de Mallorca

Astilleros de Mallorca is a company that was founded in 1969 as a result of the merger between Astilleros Palma SA, Astilleros Ballester and the factory of Naviera Mallorquina. It is located in the port of Palma and is the largest heavy industry company in the Balearic Islands and the second largest shipyard in the Mediterranean.

Astilleros Palma, the first company, was founded in 1942 to build and repair steel and wooden ships. The factory was located at the El Terreno quarry and its rotating bridge allowed vehicles to pass along the Paseo Marítimo at the same time as it provided access to the water of the bay for newly built ships.

During the 1980s, it produced mainly fishing boats and yachts, as well as repairing merchant ships and Spanish navy units. The construction offer is directed 40% to the state market and 60% to the international market.