CrossFit, one of the most trendy training modalities in recent years, has returned strengthened. Francisco Saúl Soto, headcoach at FreeMove CrossFit, explains that currently “we can already give classes almost normally, but we have preferred to reduce the quota a little bit so that users feel more secure.” In its modern facilities on the Son Castelló industrial estate, “very strict cleaning, safety and hygiene protocols have been established,” says Soto.

“The separation is 2-2.5 meters and each person has a work area of ​​12 square meters. The material is not shared and each client receives a cloth to disinfect their work area once they finish training”, explains the responsible of the center. At the moment, the restrictions are more noticeable in the social area, “being a sport that after training invites you to share and socialize.” And in the changing rooms and bathrooms, which now operate at 30% of their capacity.

In general, “we are working very well, with many new additions. We did not think that there would be such a good reception”, reports Soto. In addition, FreeMove CrossFit has launched discounts for people who are in ERTE, unemployed and for freelancers who have closed their businesses. “It is likely that more people start at CrossFit because it takes place in a very spacious, personalized and safe place”, concludes Soto.