This Tuesday the heat wave has arrived in Mallorca. The State Meteorological Agency (Aemet) forecasts for today in the Balearic Islands little cloudy or clear sky with some interval of high clouds and dust in suspension. Aemet also informs that a yellow alert has been activated in the interior of the island where it can reach 38 degrees.

Likewise, between 12.00 and 18.59 hours, there will also be yellow warning for temperatures that could reach 36 degrees in Sant Josep and Sant Antoni (Ibiza). A similar situation will be experienced in the north, northeast and interior of Mallorca, for temperatures that could reach 38 degrees. In the south of Mallorca thermometers can reach 36 degrees.

Regarding Wednesday, also between 12.00 and 19.59 hours, in the north, northeast and south of Mallorca can reach 37 degrees, while in the interior the mercury will reach 38 degrees. For the rest of the week, high temperatures are expected to remain very high and, from Sunday, to descend gradually.

The Emergency Service recalls the measures to be taken into account such as avoiding activities that require great efforts, the exposure of children to the sun, pay attention to pets and maintain hydration, with special attention to the elderly.