We chat with Xavier Roca, managing administrator of Quality Center, the official Jaguar Land Rover distributor in Mallorca. Always at the forefront of the automotive sector, the novelties this year have been the Jaguar Land Rover hybrid models that are added to the already presented 100% electric Jaguar IPACE. But also the new diesel and gasoline models, which offer a lower level of pollution than ever.

xavier roca, quality center

Xavier Roca.

Is it a good time to buy a vehicle now?

It is one of the best times to buy vehicles. Due to the months of lockdown and restrictions, the new vehicle stock is important and there are really good opportunities, in addition to the Km 0 and used vehicles guaranteed by the manufacturer.

There is more and more conversation about electric vehicles. Are they really a good option?

For the future, electric vehicles are a good product for an island like Mallorca. The journeys are short, which makes this type of vehicle a good option, as it achieves a more than sufficient average range. But you have to take into account several factors. Right now, 100% electric vehicles are more aimed at a public with a medium-high purchasing power, they cost around 30% more than their equivalents in diesel or gasoline combustion engines. In addition, the city is not yet adapted to this type of car. The Administration pushes us to sell electric cars and then adapting their infrastructures, when it should be the other way around. For 100% electric to be a good option, the economy must be strong.

Which advice could you give to those who are undecided about trying an electric vehicle?

I would tell them to go for a diesel vehicle, clearly. They are sold at affordable prices. In addition, there are modalities such as the multi-option in which you buy the possibility of continuing to finance it, return it, exchange it for another or pay off the debt and keep it. Something that a good number of clients are looking for because of the comfort of financing and the security of an uncertain future.

Is a high-end car synonymous with more pollution?

It doesn’t have to. Currently, both diesel and gasoline engines pollute much less than a few years ago, and even less the hybrid engines. Europe is one of the continents that most restricts pollution to vehicles that go on the market.

What type of vehicle is best suited to the characteristics of the island?

I’d say the hybrid car.

Regarding legislation, is it easy for the automobile industry to adapt to current legislation?

It requires them to invest every year without exception in low consumption and environmentally friendly technologies, which in the end results in a benefit for all.