The TaPalma 2020 tapas and cocktails route takes place this week, from November 25 to 29, in the 20 participating establishments this year. Precisely, this Monday the awards that will recognize the 12 best tapas and the 5 winning cocktails of TaPalma 2020 will be decided. The contest takes place at the Palau de Congressos de Palma, in which most of the 20 establishments that make up the route participate.


The contest begins at 5:00pm in the Sala Mallorca of the Palau de Congressos and begins with the TaPalma Thematic Tapa award, with the participation of Assaona, Jazminthing, La Trastienda, Nola, Prossecco Santa Catalina and Shawadeli. The cocktail contest will be contested by the bartenders of Blue Agave, Caoba, Emblemàtic, Pachamama Cocktail Bar and Shaka. Finally, in the TaPalma Libre Tapa category, Catalina La Fina, La Bohemia, Maleva, Shaka, Tasca Arrocería El Puente, Vervin.

Golden Tapa Tapalma. Photo: AgenciaCom

TaPalma 2020 route

ruta TaPalma 2020 participantesThe restaurants participating in TaPalma 2020, whose tapas can be tasted by the public from November 25 to 29, are presented on the AgenciaCom website, organizer of the contest.

  • SHAKA: ‘Shaka lomi lomi’. Cured salmon on a base of plantain and tajín with pineapple, spring onion, cherry tomato, coriander, ginger and ponzu sauce. ‘OM’. Quely cookie dough with spirulina and codium seaweed stuffed with salmon, tuna, squid, sea bass, quail egg yolk, cucumber, avocado and ponzu sauce.
  • LA BOHEMIA: ‘Rollito Mallorquín’. Mini Asian-style roll with phyllo dough, stuffed with cabbage, sweet and sour sauce, spring onion sprouts and edible carnation petals. ‘Quely Sureña’. Quely biscuit base with mashed potatoes and beef cheeks in vegetable sauce, with spring onion sprouts and edible carnation petals.
  • LA TRASTIENDA: Toast of pringá on Cristal bread and prawn croquette battered in Quely topped with crispy crystal prawn.
  • L’INFORMAL TACOS: Iberian jowl toast, ancho chili sauce and tamarind and apple, celery and pickled cucumber salad. And green chicken tinga taco, glazed with poultry background, flamed jalapeño mayonnaise and crispy Quely and corn.
  • MALEVA: Grilled octopus omelette.
  • NOLA: Mussel in reduction of white wine sauce, smoked with creole spices and accompanied by corn bread. And gnocchi-style potato battered in Quely sweet with plum and rum sauce with dairy cream.
  • ASSAONA GASTROBEACH CLUB: Black cod marinated in orange miso on smoked celery mousse. And Assaona tuna tartare with dashi mayonnaise and crispy Quely with sesame and seaweed.
  • CATALINA LA FINA: Porcella cut into cubes with reduced bottom, endive, potato chips and its rind. And Quely biscuit base with cheese curd, tomato jelly and marinated mackerel cut on the bias, with vinegar and truffle oil.
  • EL BANDARRA: Panipuri with beef, mango and Kimuchi hummus. And a cover of marinated salmon, coffee, idiazabal cheese and apple.
  • JASMINTHING: Rice, seaweed, salmon, shrimp, fried onion and mayonnaise sauce. And Vietnamese rolls with Thai sauce and crunchy cookie.
  • PROSSECCO SANTA CATALINA: Crispy lasagna bolognese with burrata cheese foam and parmesan cheese crunch. And authentic carbonara croquette on Quely biscuit with creamy pecorino romano cheese and bacon crunch.
  • SES COVES DE GÈNOVA: Coca Calçot.
  • SHAWADELI: Falafel with feta cheese and Shawasauce. And mixed kebab with quely crumbs and fine herb sauce.
  • TASCA ARROCERÍA EL PUENTE: Rustic patty of fried suckling pig with celery emulsion in the Creole style. And cuttlefish ink coca with octopus.
  • VERVIN: Mallorcan cake and Vegetarian Hotdog.

Participating cocktails

  • SHAKA: ‘Shaka cooler’. Jimador blanco, orange liqueur, mango and passion fruit puree, lemon juice, orange slice and lemon slice.
  • PACHAMA COCKTAIL BAR: ‘Mother Earth’. Fresh, citric and fruity tiki cocktail with whiskey, rum, lemon, mango and pineapple juice, almond syrup, passion fruit and angostura.
  • ALEXANDER LOUNGE BAR: ‘Black & White’. Mix of liqueurs such as Ron, Dissarono and Frangélico, seasoned with white chocolate syrup, liquid cream and milk, decorated with cocoa and chocolate shavings.
  • BLUE AGAVE: ‘Agazal’. Gin, mescal, kiwi puree, passion fruit syrup, lime, pasteurized egg white and angostura.
  • MAHOGANY: ‘Atahualpa’. Brandy, chartreuse, lemon juice, sugar syrup, peach bitters, chicha morada foam and carob powder.
  • EMBLEMÀTIC: ‘Miquelada’. Miquelada mix, a mixture of sausages and Mallorcan spices, lemon juice and Rosa Blanca beer top up.