The hospitality industry starts its engines again with the first day of the opening of terraces in Mallorca since mid-January. Although it does so at half gas, according to the employer’s regret, since at the moment they can only open until 5:00 p.m. “Not everyone is willing to open today because it is not worth doing it under these conditions,” Eugènia Cusí, president of PIMEM Digital, explained to the media. “The de-escalation has been a unilateral decision of the Government that we abide by but do not share,” said Helmut Clemens, vice president of PIMEM Restauración.

The terraces that have returned to the streets of Palma and the island’s towns have done so with enthusiasm. “Luckily we can open, even if it is only the terrace; together with the delivery service, it is already worth it. In fact, customers are already calling to reserve and half of the workers have been able to leave the ERTE ”, explains Sare as he finalizes the board with the menu of Chula Vista, on Fábrica street. An area in which the reopening of terraces in Mallorca is evident, with the street full of tables and chairs waiting for diners.

The desire to extend hours

“We started off with a lazy day but with great enthusiasm and receiving reservations little by little,” says Andrés as he serves some of the busy tables at the Café Pino, on Paseo Mallorca. Ready to eat on this terrace are Stephan Hoffmann, from Porta Mallorquina, and three friends. “It is the lunch break and we already wanted to be able to sit on the terrace again. Until now, we have had to cook at home ”. The group of diners comments on this reopening of terraces in Mallorca: “This is the essence of Mediterranean life, enjoying in the street. We hope they will extend the hours, because there is the same danger at two in the afternoon as at nine at night ”.

In Jaume III, amid the bustle of shopping, the terrace of the MDQ presents a coming and going of customers. Among them the young Miki, Nuria and Perla. “The truth is that we neither smoke nor drink, so we don’t go to the terraces as much. But we stayed for a walk and we sat down ”, they explain after adding that, until now, coffee was drunk“ at home ”.

This opening of terraces in Mallorca was one of the restrictions requested to lift both the hospitality sector and many citizens. And on this first day, although somewhat lazy and, as the workers claim, insufficient due to the schedules, many have already enjoyed their coffee, their first meal away from home since January, that morning reading of the newspaper and even the game of dominoes between friends, seen in the Plaza Progreso.

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