The fourth edition of the “De Tapes amb Rosa Blanca” route in Palma kicks off on Thursday 26th October. Until 5th November, more than 40 restaurants and bars in six neighbourhoods of Palma are taking part in the route. “De Tapes amb Rosa Blanca” was presented at the Can Balaguer municipal cultural centre. In addition to restaurateurs, the event was attended by Rosa Blanca’s Director of Institutional Relations, Ferran Hidalgo, and Javier Bonet, Deputy Mayor for Tourism and Restoration of Palma City Council.

Bonet highlighted the Mallorcan nature of this event, given that “we are talking about a beer manufacturer, Rosa Blanca, with fully Mallorcan DNA. To which we must add the autochthonous profile of this route, as the tapas have been made entirely with Mallorcan 0-kilometre products”. After reiterating that “tapas have positioned themselves as an essential gastronomic product that has conquered the category and consideration of culinary offerings in its own right”, the deputy mayor pointed out that “we are offering our maximum support to these initiatives that allow us to advance in the promotion of cuisine, especially local cuisine, as a key element in the social, economic and tourist revitalisation of Palma”.

For his part, Ferran Hidalgo said that the “De Tapes amb Rosa Blanca” route “is original because the tapas are unique from a gastronomic point of view and they claim a creative gastronomic proposal that reinforces tradition and good taste and that, above all, is committed to local produce”.

ruta De Tapes amb Rosa Blanca 2023 presentación