Mallorca Caprice recreates in this photographic report moments from the performance “Brossy”, at the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró

By: J.E. Iglesias. Palma.

Rossy de Palma is tireless. Outstanding artist and multifaceted creator or, as she defines herself, “curious poet, craftswoman and artist”, she co-starred at the end of November with the expert in scenic painting Pi Piquer, at the Fundació Pilar i Joan Miró in Palma, the performance “Brossy”, with which the 23rd edition of the Mediterranean Poetry Festival was inaugurated, directed by the writer and poet Biel Mesquida.

It was not long ago that Pedro Almodóvar’s latest film, Madres Paralelas, had been released in Mallorca, in whose cast he participates, and which she describes as “an essential film to restore our memory and our truth, both intimate and historical; perhaps the most serious film in Almodóvar’s filmography”.

The Mallorcan actress, who treasures two decorations of high cultural relevance, such as the Official Medal of the Order of Arts and Letters of France, and, in Spain, the Gold Medal for Merit
in Fine Arts, was willing to chat with Mallorca Caprice, between commitment and commitment, about her time in Mallorca and her participation in the poetry festival.

“I am very happy to be part of the poetry festival because it possibly brings together my two great and first loves: Poetry and the Mediterranean”, says De Palma. “On this occasion we have presented “Brossy”, a wonderful co-creation with my beloved plastic artist and life and art sister Pi Piquer, in a poetic performance format, where we reincarnated into two friends, two sacred geniuses, two eternal Juanes like the painter Joan Miró and the visual poet Joan Brossa, both Mediterranean”.

The performance -the soul of the poet Joan Brossa is incarnated through the painter Pi Piquer in the artist Rossy de Palma, who, turned into Brossy, visits his great friend Joan Miró- was held with a hundred attendees who were able to delight in the good vibes of the evolutions of De Palma and Piquer, between objects and utensils related in some way to the friendship story of Miró and Brossa, while they conversed freely emulating both authors.

“What better experience than to bring them together at the Miró Foundation, a building by the architect Rafael Moneo, a space considered unique in the world since it was at the Foundation where Miró lived and created the last thirty years of his life. Touring his two workshops / studio as he left them is an indescribable privilege and if we add to that being able to interact artistically in these sacred spaces, already magical in themselves, and closing the experience with a tasting of local gastronomic artists and archaeologists such as The Fornet de la Soca, the experience becomes more than a sweet honor”, adds Rossy.

The photographic report that illustrates these pages shows the beauty of some moments in which, before and during the performance, both artists created and recreated the work Brossy, refreshing the friendship of the “poet of color” and the “poet of letters”.


A moment of performance, at the Fundació Miró Mallorca. Photo: Dusan Szokolovic.

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