Rural tourism, contact with nature, traditional crafts and local gastronomy are the Balearic Islands treasures to enjoy great experiences.

If we have reaffirmed something during these months, it is that the great experiences are closer than we thought. As close as our islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Eivissa and Formentera. The neighboring wonders are undoubtedly the ideal destination in these moments in which we have given up traveling far to connect with our essence: contact with nature, rural tourism, Mediterranean gastronomy and its people. Craftsmen, farmers, small merchants and a host of familiar faces who, also in winter, are delighted to receive us so that we can live first-person experiences and to enjoy the Balearic Islands in an environment as safe as it is magical.

Formentera en bici

Formentera. Photo: Jaume Capellà (AETIB)

The mild winters provide endless experiences to enjoy nature and incredible places. From the salt lakes of Eivissa and Formentera to the Tramuntana peaks, passing through Maó, one of the largest natural ports in the world. Hiking and cycling are the protagonists of the low season on the islands and one of the best ways to discover their natural spaces in a safe way. It is the perfect time to attend unique shows such as the flowering of almond trees and natural phenomena such as Ses Fonts Ufanes. Paradises on each of the islands just a few minutes from home.

Ses Fonts Ufanes, in Mallorca.

Charming towns

Each island is unique but they all have something in common: the charm of its municipalities, a mandatory stop to get to know the authentic local tradition. Villages in the most mountainous area of ​​the community such as Valldemossa and Deià; the fishing tradition of Fornells in Menorca; the white villages of Eivissa; or the picturesque Sant Francesc and El Pilar de La Mola, in the smallest of the islands, display all their attractions in winter.

Towns steeped in tradition, the one shared by the Balearic inhabitants. Thanks to them, today you can enjoy traditional crafts at its best. It is time to learn about old crafts and elaborations first-hand, from objects such as siurell to articles made with dwarf palm trees. Contemplate how artisans make the robes de llengües from Mallorca or the albarcas and the traditional blue ceramics from Menorca. And become hippie in the markets of Formentera and Eivissa to contemplate contemporary jewelery creators and Ibizan references of adlib fashion.

Eivissa works. Photo: Pedro Coll (AETIB)


No one knows better than local farmers and producers the true meaning of a sustainable economy, a philosophy shared by those who reside on the four islands. What better way to take advantage of these months to buy local products directly from their producers. It is the perfect opportunity to know how the prestigious Balearic oils are made. Ask questions and resolve concerns while visiting a Menorcan cheese factory, from which you leave loaded with a good Mahon cheese. Make the leap to Mallorca, Menorca, Eivissa and Formentera to enjoy those ramellet tomatoes and local wines in the exact place where they are produced to return home with the satisfaction of knowing something more about their process: ensaimada, honey, almonds, lamb, salt… Do you need more reasons to visit these neighboring wonders?

Producing Mahó Cheese. Photo: Mateu Bennassar (AETIB)