Which one is the most popular town in Mallorca? This is the question answered by a map of Spain that shows the most popular towns in each province of the national territory. With the pandemic, local tourism has gained strength. Faced with the impossibility of traveling to distant destinations due to restrictions, many tourists have opted for domestic trips.

With this premise, Musement, a digital platform for booking tourist activities, has created an infographic showing the 50 most popular towns in each province. A map that will be useful for those who renounce going abroad in 2021 and opt again for proximity tourism. Spain, in each of its territories, hides charming municipalities that many are unaware of.

To carry out the study, the platform has taken into consideration the municipalities of less than 20,000 inhabitants throughout the country. To determine which is the most popular municipality, they have used Google search volume data for the term “what to see in [municipality]”. One of the most sought after phrases when planning a trip.

The most popular town in Mallorca
valldemossa pueblo mallorca

Based on the search data, the most popular town in Mallorca is Valldemossa. In the case of the Balearic Islands, it is the only municipality in the report, since it is a single-province territory. In the heart of the Serra de Tramuntana, the charms of Valldemossa do not go unnoticed by tourists. While walking through its charming streets, you can enjoy an exceptional mountain landscape. And its imposing heritage is discovered, such as the Cartuja de Valldemossa. Chopin, Unamuno and Jovellanos, among others, passed through it.

Do you want to know which is the most popular town in each Spanish province? In this map prepared by Musement, you can see the municipalities that stand out in each territory. Which one will you visit this year?

pueblo más popular de mallorca