Text: Tomàs Ibarz.

Next February 7, Miquel Montoro (Hòstia! Pilotes! Què en són de bones! M’encanten!) Will turn 15 years old. The child is getting older and the most palpable proof is found in his last television appearance a little over a month ago and in his latest recordings on his YouTube channel. He has made the switch and is fully entering preadolescence.

The age-specific growth spurt occurred in Montoro’s body during lockdown due to the pandemic while recording cooking recipes with his mother. From there, the child does not stop stretching and stretching, growing and growing. But for now it is a matter exclusively of physical appearance, because the hormonal pump has not yet exploded, according to his family. For example, there is no ‘girlfriend’ in sight.

He stretches and stretches in height, he gets slimmer, but his priorities are the same as always: he gets up at 7 in the morning and his fi rst transfer is to the corrals to see if the farm animals need anything. Afterwards, breakfast and to the Artà institute. He returns home to eat, a new visit to the animals, to do his homework, the third and last visit to the animals “in case they need anything”, and to sleep.

In Montoro there is the circumstance that he even wakes up earlier on weekends than on high school days. It is clear that the farm is a priority.

During 2020, with the video of the meatballs (‘pilotes’), the boy from Sant Llorenç went viral and took a good walk on national radio and television. Spain discovered Montoro while in Mallorca they still discuss those who feel represented by their way of expressing themselves and those who do not.

Montoro does not care because he does not pretend to represent anyone but himself and the rural world, his true passion.

The family tries to explain that he is a normal child, but a couple of ‘oddities’ very relevant to his age coincide: he doesn’t like football, he’s not like spending the afternoon lying on the couch and he doesn’t have a Playstation.

For 2020 everything will continue as before: specific collaborations in IB3, recipes on the YouTube channel, and farm animals care. Everything, as long as he continues to complete his studies.

In 2021 he turns 15… Perhaps one day he will introduce us to his fi rst ‘al.lota’ (girlfriend).