Text: José E. Iglesias. Journalist and Director of Mallorca Global.

JOSE E. IGLESIAS Mallorca GlobalIf the relentless expansion of Sars-CoV-2 is teaching us anything, it is to realize about our vulnerability, as individuals and as a supposedly leading human group of all species. About our social impotence to overcome it in a reasonable time with minimal mortality. Realize the lack of commitment of citizens, that we strive to prevent the contagion curve from falling. And about the incompetence of those politicians and minor politicians who believe that they will make a career forcing clashes without foundation in the great race of mediocrity of these times, while the mortality and morbidity curves continue to rise for history.

The reality is that we are experiencing the first pandemic with a global consciousness. Its universality aggravates the problem because it does not allow the option to escape. Caught on the virus planet, it is just not possible. This is perhaps one of the most disturbing sensations of what we are experiencing, caused by the possibility of ‘random’ death: no one knows for sure why some die and others do not. Not even why some are contagious and not others.

To try to form an opinion on the reason for the cracks in the protective shield of ‘one of the best health systems in the world’, at such a crucial moment, and what should be done to avoid such terrifying ‘tsunamis’ in a future, crippling and frustrating like those of COVID-19, we have tested the opinion, on the one hand, of renowned scientists in virology and public health  management. On the other hand, we have looked for its possible repercussions, in this continuous present and in the future, speaking with experts in Psychology, Architecture, Sociology, Human Geography and Economics. An examination at a certain time in late November that offers us a polyhedral drawing of other social consequences other than the health related.

In the first part of this report, the experts point out that some of the cracks in our public health system are due to the lack of budget during the time of the wrong saving-cooling policies that were taken in Spain and Europe -unlike the US- from the crisis of 2008, stealing with them the funds necessary for health and research, among other fundamental areas of the public system. Fortunately on this occasion that serious error is corrected and, now, Europe places all its confidence in a gigantic recovery fund (750,000 million of which will reach Spain 140,000) that should begin to be distributed as soon as possible, despite the slow and stilted European administration and the paralysis caused by countries with great democratic gaps due to the fact that they demand the recognition that democracy, in addition to being so, must appear so. If this situation is prolonged, the states should temporarily replace (in the first half of the plan, 2021-2023) the European aid with their own funds, at the risk that the most ominous forecasts are fulfilled by dragging their lives and estates.

At the editorial deadline, hopes are placed on an effective and efficient vaccination -also torpedoed by another group of doomsayers without much future- and on the  recovery of the economic pulse through discrimination, via lockdowns, of the areas where the requirements are not met protection, and the arrival of the aforementioned European funds. The fact that the first person to be vaccinated was a woman from the United Kingdom can predict a smooth start to the imminent reactivation of the main source markets of our  islands, such as the United Kingdom and Germany, among others.

It is indisputable that the light begins to be felt at the end of the tunnel. Let’s see if with all this, 2021 offers us a less tense outlook, less civil warfare, more encouraging and with palpable and close good news. Happy Holidays.