Interview with Jaime Martínez Llabrés, CEO of HomeArt.

HomeArt is an avant-garde architecture studio. With 20 years of experience, they are specialists in residential and tourist architecture, leading tourist and urban consultants in Mallorca and experts in contemporary art. All this allows them to fulfill the client’s dreams. We speak with its director, the architect Jaime Martínez Llabrés.

Jaime Martínez and Patricia Domínguez, founders of HomeArt.

HomeArt tries to differentiate itself and offer exclusivity for the client in its services. What are your main lines of business?

From HomeArt we try to offer exclusivity to the client. In our case, exclusivity goes through being able to offer a comprehensive and specialized service. For this we have, in addition to the 25 years of experience of those of us who are the company’s partner architects, technicians from different disciplines, both in design and in execution. Also collaborators such as interior designers, biologists and lawyers. The urban and tourist consulting and advisory part of HomeArt is a fundamental pillar to be able to offer legal security and confidence to investors who deposit their projects in us.

How do you get to be a benchmark in Mallorca?

Mallorca has great professionals in the sector. And we all complement each other perfectly. Both in the field of residential and tourist architectural design, there are references that work with more synergies than others. We feel absolutely involved with the sector to which we intend to offer the best services and solutions. This synergy of success with clients and investors is achieved with work, passion, commitment and a lot of effort.

Do you consider any perspective of digital transformation?

It is certainly not that it is the future, it is that digital transformation is the present. The exceptional situation that we have experienced with the Covid crisis has meant that many who still did not believe in the new industrial revolution of the 21st century have seen it necessary to adapt to competitive tools in new technologies. We, personally, are in the process of reinvention, where we want the client to have continuous contact with us and their project, and that will be achieved by new technologies.

In Mallorca we are a world reference in tourism. We could almost say that we made it up

What prospects do you see in the sector in Mallorca for the coming months?

This year 2020 has been and is a different year. We have all learned a lot of new things and at the same time we have had to compromise everything we wanted to do this year. Although it is true that decisions slowed down in April, in a few months all our clients continued with the same force as before to carry out the projects we had underway. On the other hand, all the investments planned for the medium and long term continue. We are very optimistic, and I think realistic. It is up to each one of us that in the coming months our attitude leads us to overcome the inclemencies we have suffered and they simply turn into a bad dream. Without a doubt, it will cost us an effort, but we all have to know how to do it.

How do you think Mallorca could improve in architecture, urban planning, building, interiors, etc.?

In Mallorca we are a world reference in tourism. We could almost say that we invented it. The know how we have makes us go ahead of many of our competitors. In this field linked to architecture, interior design, we are a benchmark. Probably one of the most necessary improvements would be that professionals and those who know about urban planning and architecture were the ones who set the strategy and planning on the island, and that at the same time the administrations became allies of quality, effort and the future.