The improvement of hospitals and the incorporation of prestigious professionals place the patient at the center of its strategy

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Red Asistencial Juaneda faces with realistic optimism the end of this 2020, a year marked by the health crisis of COVID-19 and the economic and social crisis derived from the fall in tourism. This has not prevented the company  from continuing to bet on the three pillars on which it bases its philosophy: seeking excellence in human capital, investment and technological renovation and the enhancement of the group’s hospitals in order to strengthen the growth of the network on the islands. Values expressed in its Strategic Plan.

Mejoras en los grandes centros de la red, entre las que se encuentran las instalaciones de Hospital Juaneda Miramar. Foto_ Juaneda Hospitales

Grupo Juaneda has undertaken improvements in centers such as Juaneda Miramar Hospital. Photo: Juaneda Hospitals.

Professional excellence and technology

Between 2019 and 2020, Red Asistencial Juaneda in its process of continuous improvement has consolidated its workforce of health professionals, accommodating in the structure a new generation of specialists in medicine, nursing and non-healthcare personnel who have increased the excellence of the group.

In 2020, Juaneda Hospitales has heavily invested in medical equipment

The year has also meant great progress and a firm commitment to the Innovation Plan through investment and technological renovation of the group, with a special focus on electromedicine. Many have been the acquisitions of cutting-edge technology, which place Juaneda at the technological forefront in the islands. An ambitious technological development plan that has also had to adapt to the moment, with the acquisition of robots for PCR tests, giving a better response to this situation.

Throughout 2020, in the midst of the pandemic, the company has invested heavily in state-of-the-art medical and radiodiagnostic equipment, in addition to developing substantial improvements in the field of computer efficiency with a single objective: to offer the best care to patients.

PCR area of Hospital Juaneda Miramar. Photo: Juaneda Hospitals.

A new hospital

The enhancement of hospitals, the third pillar of the Strategic Plan, has managed this year to improve and make the Juaneda Hospitales healthcare centers more efficient, friendly and comfortable. The flagship is the construction of a new hospital in Ciutadella, which will be a reference on the island, modern and welcoming, for patients and visitors.

In addition, improvements have been made in the large centers of the network: Clínica Juaneda, Juaneda Miramar Hospital and Juaneda Muro Hospital, as well as the better provision of other centers such as Inca and Juaneda Center. These reforms facilitate a much more personalized and efficient patient care.