The ‘Power to green’ project for the creation of a green hydrogen plant in Lloseta is scheduled to start operating in January 2022. The new Lloseta plant is the first major project of the EU’s Green Hydrogen Strategy in a State of southern Europe. It will be fed from the energy generated in two photovoltaic plants, in Petra and Lloseta. The hydrogen generated will serve as fuel for five buses in the Palma EMT fleet; for the generation of heat and energy for public buildings, hotels and industrial facilities; for the rent-a-car fleet, or for the electricity generation of the Port of Palma. In addition, it will be injected into Redexis gas infrastructures. The objective of the project is also for Mallorca to serve as a model to be replicated in other island territories, through a long-term European roadmap towards 2050.

infografía hidrógeno verde Mallorca

Infographic about how green hydrogen works. Source: Acciona.

Reducing CO2 emissions

The vice president and minister of Energy Transition, Productive Sectors and Democratic Memory, Juan Pedro Yllanes, has indicated that “thanks to this plant 300 tons of green hydrogen will be generated per year produced 100% from photovoltaic plants. With this production we could reduce CO₂ emissions of up to 20,700 tons in the year, thus making a big step towards compliance with the regional law on Climate Change and Energy Transition, as well as what is established by the EU and the Paris agreements”.

For his part, the CEO of Enagás, Marcelino Oreja, has insisted on Enagás’ “commitment” to the new plant and to the Government and explained that “it is the first green hydrogen generation project in southern Europe”, has pointed out, and added that it is an “innovative project and an example to follow in other islands and places in Europe.”

The CEO of Acciona Energía, Rafael Mateo, has pointed out that this is a project “that is already a reality” and that hydrogen is “a new fuel that will mark the decarbonized economy. We are pleased to make this project in Mallorca and Lloseta a benchmark for the decarbonization model and put it on the map as an iconic project ”, he highlighted.

The works for the photovoltaic plants of Petra and Lloseta are scheduled to begin in July and the electrolyzer can be installed in November, so that the first tests can be carried out in December of this year.

reunión hidrógeno verde Mallorca

‘Power to Green’

‘Power to Green’ is the cornerstone of the European Green Hysland project, an initiative that has the participation of some thirty entities and through which the European Union will invest 10 million euros to accelerate the deployment of the infrastructures necessary to make a reality a renewable hydrogen ecosystem in Mallorca. It is framed within an agreement to reindustrialize the Lloseta area between the GOIB, Enagás, Acciona, Cemex, Redexis and the IDAE, with the collaboration of the municipalities of Lloseta, Palma and Inca. The total investment of the project is around 50 million euros.

The meeting that took place in Mallorca on June 9 was attended by the CEO of Acciona Energía, Rafael Mateo; the CEO of Enagás, Marcelino Oreja; a member of the Enagás board of directors, Santiago Ferrer, and the mayor of Lloseta, Xema Muñoz. On the part of the Government, in addition to Francina Armengol and Juan Pedro Yllanes, the General Director of Energy, Josep Malagrava, and the General Director of Industrial Policy, Antoni Morro, also attended.