The President of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, has expressed his willingness to put an end to the state of alarm within a month. “The objective of the Spanish Government is that it is not necessary to further extend the state of alarm. We want May 9 to be the full stop”. This was stated yesterday in the Council of Ministers, where he stated that from that date it will continue “with this governance system through the Interterritorial Council, where the Ministry of Health is represented, as well as the advisers and advisers of Health of each and every one of the autonomous communities”. According to Sánchez, the agency will be in charge of responding to any type of regrowth and of continuing to coordinate vaccination in Spain.

Pedro Sánchez, en su comparecencia

Pedro Sánchez. Photo: RTVE.

Recovery Fund and schedule of reforms

In his appearance, Sánchez announced that the Council of Ministers next Tuesday will approve the Recovery Fund. Therefore, “that will be the day” in which some details are known and “at the end of April, they will be known as a whole.” In this sense, the president expressed his chest by stating that “we will be one of the first countries in Europe to present the Recovery Fund in its entirety to the European Commission. And there they will see, logically, the calendar of all the reforms, of all the transformations that the Government of Spain has ahead, also in the workplace.

Vaccines to recover the economy

Pedro Sánchez took advantage of his public appearance to underline that “the 6.4% growth forecasts of the IMF for Spain in 2021 place our country as the developed economy that will grow the most in 2021, along with the North American economy, with the United States. But in any case, what is clear is that vaccination is the most effective economic policy. ”

Faced with questions from journalists about the slow pace of immunization of citizens, the president wanted to be clear: “This second semester we are going to see an acceleration of the vaccination process and, in particular, from this second quarter of the year. Consequently, we will achieve that 70% of the adult population, that is, 33 million Spaniards, are immunized thanks to the vaccine at the end of August ”.

Finally, Sánchez once again assured, “as I have said on some other occasion”, that Spain is “at the beginning of the end of this pandemic”.