El humorista José Corbacho en la reapertura del Teatro Principal de Inca. Fotos: Teatro Principal de Inca.

With the performance of the comedian José Corbacho, the  Principal de theater Inca returned to the scene on Wednesday, November 17 at 9:00 p.m. The show “First of all a lot of calm” inaugurated the program in a completely renovated room in which a mixture of emotion reigned, surprise and joy.

The previous Sunday, 107 years after its inauguration, the theater directed by Biel Amer reopened with guided tours for the residents, but on Wednesday it was filled with the public on a special date for the celebration of Dimecres Bo, which already populated the streets of Inca. the cellers who served their traditional Mallorcan food.

Coinciding with the big week of Dijous Bo, one of the most important dates for Inca, the theater Principal de Inca presented its program, which includes monologues, concerts, theater, a lyrical gala and the return of the cinema to the city after almost twenty years.

The Dijous Bo is presented by the Inca singer Joan Ernest Castells, known as “Petit”, accompanied by a group of friends, all of them with an extensive and solid career in the music scene.

On Friday 19 is the turn of “Primavera de Bestias, which was the Pare Colom theater award in 2020, a current play, which was premiered with great success at the theater Principal in Palma.

On Saturday 20 a lyrical gala will be held with José Manuel Sanchez (tenor), accompanied on piano by Francesc Blanco, in which they will perform pieces of opera, zarzuela and song.

To conclude the big week, the cinema returns to Inca with the projection at 4:30 p.m. of the animated film The Addams 2 family. Then at 8:00 p.m. No time to die, the latest adventure of the spy James Bond will be screened. .

With the new enhancement of the theater, the main hall has 605 seats and the brand new small hall, equipped with the latest technology, has 152 seats. “The main reforms have been the improvement of lighting, sound and heating,” said Biel Amer.