All the citizens will be able to visit the original parchment of September 12, 1276 that accredits the confirmation of the rights and privileges of the kingdom of Mallorca between today and tomorrow from 10:30 am until 7 pm at the Palau del Consell de Mallorca. The insular institution celebrates this symbolic act with the intention of recovering the celebration of the Diada de Mallorca on September 12 and not on December 31 as agreed by the left-wing parties in previous legislatures

The Consell de Mallorca has commemorated today the granting of the privileges of the kingdom of Mallorca. At 9 am, the president of the Consell de Mallorca, Llorenç Galmés, accompanied by the executive and elected councilors, inaugurated the exhibition of the original parchment of September 12, 1276, which certifies the confirmation of the rights and privileges granted to the citizens of Mallorca by James II. The event took place in the audience hall of the Palace of the Consell de Mallorca.

An exhibition that has also counted with the presence of the president of the Government of the Balearic Islands, Margalida Prohens; the president of the Parliament, Gabriel Le Senne; the mayor of Palma, Jaime Martínez; the general commander of the Military Zone of the Balearic Islands, Fernando Luis Gracia Herreiz, and the director of the Archive of the Kingdom of Mallorca, Ricard Urgell.

In this way, and according to the pact signed by PP and Vox to govern the Consell de Mallorca, the Diada will be celebrated again on September 12 to commemorate the Charter of Privilegis and Franqueses of the Kingdom of Mallorca in 1276. This year it cannot be done in an official way since the bureaucratic procedure has not been able to be carried out to allow it.

President Galmés has assured that “on a day like today 747 years ago, in the church of Santa Eulària de Palma, a decisive event for this land took place. With this granting, we can say that a golden age began for Mallorca, based on rights that regulated the coexistence of the subjects of that time in very advanced terms. The 12th of September changed our future and laid the foundations of what we are and our way of living”.

After the inauguration, the floral offering to the tomb of Jaime II in the Cathedral of Mallorca took place, headed by President Galmés.

The citizens will be able to see the parchment today and tomorrow from 1:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. in the Audience Hall of the Palace of the Consell de Mallorca.

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diada de mallorca